Installing an EVM Wallet

Installing a Wallet

Since Citrea is an EVM-compatible ZK-rollup on Bitcoin, you need an EVM-compatible wallet installed in your system or browser.

Here are some example wallets that can do the job:

Of course, the list is not limited to these, but these are some common wallets used in the ecosystem.

In this tutorial, we will briefly go over installing Metamask on a Chrome Browser. Using Metamask, you can interact with Citrea Devnet quite easily.

Step 0: Visit Metamask website

To not to click any misleading links, we suggest you to not to use Google and directly type/click the following link:

Step 1: Select operating system/browser and click download

Here, we will go through the most common setup - installing on Chrome. However, most of the steps are the same after downloading the extension/app if you're using a different system.

Step 2: Click add to Chrome

For Chrome, the button will take you to the Chrome Web Store. From there, you can click the Add the Chrome button.

After that, we'll have the Metamask extension installed. Let's continue to setup of forming an EVM account.

Step 3: Create a new wallet

If everything goes as expected, the extension will automatically open a new page in a tab for you for onboarding.

Continue by agreeing the terms of use and then click creating a new wallet.

Step 4: Type a password

Metamask uses a simple password mechanism to protect the application in your computer from the external actors. It does not secure your account, but it secures the app.

Pick a password that you will not forget (there's no recovery feature, be careful).

Step 5: Secure your wallet

Now, you will be shown a section regarding securing your wallet. You'll be presented with your Secret Backup Phrase. You can think of it as your private key in a network, but represented as readable words.

We advise you to watch the video, and save it. If you lose this phrase, and then somehow lose access to this wallet - you lose your access to your funds. If someone gets this phrase, they get access to your funds. As mentioned before, it's private.

Click to secure my wallet option, and then click to reval secret recovery phrase. Note the words down, somewhere offline if possible.

While this process is not extremely important for Citrea Devnet (since BTCs and cBTCs do not have any real value as the network is for testing purposes only), we find it crucial for every web3 user to be aware of this notion.

Once you're done, move to the next pages in the extension.

Step 6: Congratulations!

You now created an EVM account that you can use in any EVM-compatible chain!

Now, let's get some Citrea BTCs and bridge it to the Citrea Devnet network using this EVM address so that you can start to use Citrea Devnet right away!

Follow along here!

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